C.W.T.A. came into being when Dimboola and District Association changed its name at an annual meeting held at Pimpinio on September 15, 1937.  It had six teams, Natimuk, St. Michaels, Horsham Presbyterian, Pimpinio, Horsham B and Dimboola B.

The association went into recess during the Second World War and reformed on September 16th 1946 with six teams, Natimuk Blue, Natimuk Red, Horsham, Noradjuha, Pimpinio and Clear Lake.

Horsham Churches and District Association and Central Wimmera Tennis Association joined forces at a combined annual meeting on September 6 1950.  The new C.W.T.A. then had 36 teams.

C.W.T.A. accepted Wimmera Pennant Association into its ranks on September 6 1973, and formed a Pennant grade.  Central Wimmera Tennis Association became incorporated on July 15th, 1985.

C.W.T.A. historian, Mr. Les Wills, has custody and control of all past documentation and items of interest of the association.

Past Presidents Past Secretaries Life Members
1937-38        Mr J McQuillan                 1937-47        Mr A Douglas                    Mr E Elmes
1938-39 Mr H Corstairs 1947-48 Mr A Weidner Mr J Hobbs
1939-40 Mr J Kenny 1948-50 Mr C Woolcock Mr A Ellis
1940-41 Mr A Horsbugh 1950-56 Mr A Koenig Mr A Leslie
1941-42 Mr A Howell 1956-58 Mr N King Mr A Ross
1946-52 Mr E Elmes 1958-60 Mr G Stanton Mr R Jenkin
1952-53 Mr D Lardner 1960-61 Mr B Sleep Mr R Ellis
1953-56 Mr R Jenkin 1961-64 Mrs E Sleep Mr C Heard
1956-57 Mr L Smith 1964-71 Mr A Leslie Mrs N Boehm
1957-59 Mr W Edmonds 1971-75 Mr A Ross Mr A Jakobi
1959-62 Mr J Hobbs 1975-89 Mr L Wills Mr L Wills
1962-64 Mr W King 1989-91 Mrs S Exell Mr I Beddison
1964-66 Mr G Stanton 1991-92 Mrs J Boyd Mrs A Wills
1966-68 Mr C Heard 1992-95 Mr L Wills Mrs J Antonoff
1968-69 Mr A Ross 1995-99 Mrs T Hobbs  
1969-71 Mr A Jakobi 1999-06 Mrs J Antonoff  
1971-72 Mr R Hayter 2006-10 Ms J McGennisken  
1972-75 Mr L Wills 2010-12 Ms J Apostolopoulos  
1975-79 Mr H Ellis 2012-14 Mrs J Knight  
1979-81 Mr K Breuer 2014-17 Ms M Gardner  
1981-83 Dr G O'Brien 2017-19 Ms K Cooper  
1983-85 Mr A Jakobi 2019- Ms S Clough   
1985-88 Mr I Beddison      
1988-90 Mr C Gebert      
1990-91 Mr K Breuer      
1991-92 Mr L Wills      
1992-94 Mrs S Exell      
1994-99 Mr H Hallam      
1999-04 Mr P Penny      
2004-08 Mr P Rintoule      
2008-13 Mrs J Antonoff      
2013-16 Mr J Burford      
2016-19 Mrs K Perkin      
2019- Mr J Quast      


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